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By examining the attitudes toward war in The Iliadthe writer makes a case for situations in which war might be justified according to Homer. Agamemnon on the pretext of yearning to return to his abode plotted the plans into action.

They should be allowed to heed the dictates of their conscience. I think it is a common mistake of students to take on subjects that are too big. In a time of war, the gods seem to be more important than ever. Literature, indeed, although written in the past, is still happening as you read and discuss it, right.

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Achilles as a Likeable Character Because Achilles is so prideful, his decisions end up hurting other characters, even mortally so. All quotes contain page numbers as well.

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The king commanded the elders and gathers the army. Do not assume, however that a work can mean whatever you want it to mean; ultimately, your interpretation must be consistent with the stylistic signals, thematic suggestions, and patterns of imagery in the text.

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And you may be the first to profit from your plot — When I whip the living daylights out of you. Historical background and biographical information should be discussed in the past tense, but when writing about the literary text itself, stick to the present, which will almost force you to interpret rather than summarize.

Iliad Essays

There are very few mortal females who play important roles in the epic. A good final thesis should emerge from, not precede, your analyses.

First, Please keep in mind that when I ask you to do a close reading of a literary work in order to make an argument about what you see as one of the important aspects of that work, that you do not read to magically discover the ONE correct meaning the author has supposedly hidden between the lines.

Achilles, suffering from a profound and persistent bout of hubris, is so filled with pride that he makes decisions that are literally fatal for one of his dear friends.

From then on, she understood his plan: Because you are interpreting a given piece of literature in the present rather than summarizing what "happened" in it, you should always stick to the present tense when interpreting.

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Following my suggestions on close reading above, write out your interpretations of the instances that you've chosen, dedicating one rough paragraph to each.

That being the case, we need to understand why the god might be motivated to do a certain action. Look at the bottom of the page to identify which edition of The Iliad they are referring to.

But plot summary alone is NO substitute for analysis. Unless you are specifically required to write about Homer 's Iliad as a whole, you ought to choose a single character or incident and focus on it.

Aside from the thesis statements above, these quotes alone can act as essay questions or study questions as they are all relevant to the text in an important way. Avoid all sweeping generalities, about human beings, about poetry, about life, about anything "through the ages," etc.

Hera communicates the commands of Zeus to Olympus, where Athene restrains Ares from a sudden intervention in the battle. Expectations, Guidelines, Advice and Grading," available online here. Pride, after all, is not so uncommon a flaw as to be unfamiliar to the reader, and we have all made mistakes—even drastic ones—that we regret yet have difficulty admitting.

For your first essay--a CLOSE READING CRITIQUE exercise--develop a narrowly-defined argumentative thesis about what you see as an important aspect of the Iliad (Books 1, 9, 16, 18, 22, & 24) in relation to one of the topics listed below.

How can I write a strong thesis statement for The Iliad?

A sample thesis could be, "The events of Homer's 'The Iliad' would have transpired very differently without divine intervention." Another possibility involves a character sketch of one of the gods, such as Athena, exploring what her actions tell readers about her.

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The gods are discussed in the Iliad nearly as much as the mortals, and their actions are vital to the plot. Analyze the role of the gods throughout the work using specific examples to support your. Be sure to also look at the PaperStarter entry on The Odyssey, also by Homer.

Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #1: The Justification and Glorification of War in The Iliad. The backdrop and crux of action in The Iliad is a sense, it seems as if Homer is glorifying war in “The Iliad” by focusing so much on it and by elevating certain fighters as heroes while minimizing losses and tragedies.

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- The Metamorphosis of Achilles in Homer’s The Iliad Dr. Frost’s comments: With his clear explanation, illustrative quotes, and logical organization, the student easily proves his thesis, recapped and affirmed very well in the final paragraph.

Iliad essay thesis
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ENG Critical Essay #1 (The Iliad)